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What are Military Lawyers Called?

Navigating the complex realm of military rules and violations of military law often requires the expertise of legal professionals specializing in military matters. Whether you are facing a wrongful military discharge, seeking legal advice regarding military law, or considering a career as a military lawyer, understanding the roles and responsibilities of these legal professionals is essential. Let’s delve into the details of military lawyers, their ranks, their duties, the cost of their services, and the path to becoming a Judge Advocate General lawyer.

What are military lawyers called?

Military lawyers called Judge Advocates. They are officers who provide legal services and representation within the military justice system. Judge Advocates serve in various military branches, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. Their primary role is to offer legal advice, courtroom representation, and assistance with military administrative matters.

What do military lawyers do? 

Military lawyers play a multifaceted role within the armed forces. They advise commanders, service members, and military units on various legal issues, including military law, administrative law, international law, and ethics. They also serve as prosecutors or defense counsel in courts-martial, presenting cases on behalf of the military or representing service members accused of UCMJ violations. Additionally, they assist in military administrative matters, such as drafting legal documents, reviewing contracts, advising on legal obligations, and handling administrative hearings.

What rank are lawyers in the military?

The rank of military lawyers, or Judge Advocates, varies depending on their years of service, experience, and qualifications. Judge Advocates hold ranks ranging from O-1 (Second Lieutenant or Ensign) to O-6 (Colonel or Captain), depending on their specific branch and career progression. The rank structure can slightly differ among the different branches of the military.

How to become a JAG lawyer?

Becoming a JAG lawyer involves meeting specific criteria and completing the necessary steps. Generally, aspiring JAG lawyers must first meet the requirements to become commissioned officers in the military. They must get a law degree from an accredited law school and pass the bar exam. Afterward, they must apply for a commission in the military and undergo a rigorous selection process. Accepted candidates attend the Judge Advocate Officer Basic Course, where they receive specialized training in military law, military justice, and the unique legal challenges the armed forces face.

How much does a military lawyer cost? 

As part of the JAG Corps, military lawyers provide their services at no cost to service members. The JAG Corps offers free legal assistance to military personnel, including advice on personal legal matters, preparation of wills, powers of attorney, and guidance on general legal issues. It is important to note that while military lawyers provide free legal services within the military justice system, they may have limited availability for personal civilian matters.

Military lawyers, known as Judge Advocates, or sometimes UCMJ attorneys, play a vital role in the military justice system. They provide legal services, representation, and guidance to service members, ensuring the proper administration of military law. Understanding the various types of military lawyers, their ranks, duties, and the process of becoming a JAG lawyer is essential for service members seeking legal assistance and those considering a career in military law.


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