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Can You Sue the Military for Negligence? Understanding Your Rights

Can you sue the US military for negligence?

By joining the military, you’ve dedicated your life to serving your country. However, there may be situations where you or your loved ones experience harm or damage due to the negligence of the military or its personnel. In such cases, you might wonder whether holding the military accountable through legal means is possible. This blog […]

What is an Unfair Discharge from the Military?

What is an unfair discharge from the military?

As a military member, receiving a discharge that you believe is unfair or unjust can be distressing. Military discharges come in various types, each carrying different implications for your benefits, future opportunities, and reputation. Understanding what constitutes an unfair discharge, the consequences of an unfavorable discharge, and why hiring an attorney to appeal your discharge […]

Can a Military Member Sue the Military?

Can a military member sue the military?

If you’re in the service, you might wonder if you can sue the military or the federal government under certain circumstances. Military rules and violations of military law can be complex and require a clear understanding of your legal rights. From the Military Claims Act to the immunity of military personnel while on duty, it […]

What is the Right to Counsel in the UCMJ?

What is the right to counsel UCMJ?

As military members, it is crucial to clearly understand your rights under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. One fundamental right that plays a significant role in ensuring a fair legal process is the right to counsel. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into the right to counsel under the UCMJ, including its […]

What is a UCMJ in the army?

What is a UCMJ in the army?

The military operates under its unique justice system, the Uniform Code of Military Justice. As a member of the Army, it is crucial to clearly understand the UCMJ and how it governs military crimes and punishments. In this blog post, we will explore the UCMJ, its scope and jurisdiction, the penalties it prescribes, the standard […]

What are Military Lawyers Called?

What are military lawyers called?

Navigating the complex realm of military rules and violations of military law often requires the expertise of legal professionals specializing in military matters. Whether you are facing a wrongful military discharge, seeking legal advice regarding military law, or considering a career as a military lawyer, understanding the roles and responsibilities of these legal professionals is […]

Suing the Military for Wrongful Discharge

Suing the military for wrongful discharge

Do you feel you may have been wrongfully discharged? Wrongful discharge can significantly affect a service member’s career, benefits, and reputation. By understanding the facts, potential legal recourse, and various discharge types, you can be better prepared to protect your rights and your future. Is it possible to sue the military? It is possible to […]

Court-Martial Lawyers

court martial lawyer

A court-martial lawyer, also known as a military defense attorney or military defense counsel, is a legal professional specializing in military law who provides representation and legal guidance to service members facing court-martial proceedings. These lawyers are trained in military justice and are dedicated to protecting their clients’ rights, interests, and well-being. The role of […]

Does the Military Have Their Own Lawyers?

military attorney

The presence of dedicated lawyers within the military is an important aspect of military legal support. But service members often have questions about the availability of legal representation and the roles played by military lawyers. Service members can confidently navigate legal challenges by understanding the significance of military lawyers and their services. Does the military […]